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San Clemente Taxi and Cab Reservations

Reservations by a San Clemente licensed taxicab to the airport are the most convenient, and with us, one of the most reliable taxi means to the Airports like SNA/JWA  Orange County Airport and LAX Los Angeles Airport.  Our service will take you to the airport at your convenience.  Your call reserves a taxi in advance by up to one week, exclusive to only you.  Your reservation is not kept in the air as with most shuttle or other grouped transportation, waiting for placement with other callers, up to the last minute.  We use computerized reservations and GPS to ensure reliable service courtesy of Taxi - Digtal Dispatch Systems.    Taxis are minivan cabs that fit up to six passengers.

How to Make An Airport Reservation VIA TAXICAB

The easiest way to make a taxi reservation is by calling us.  Other options include chatting a reservation or booking online.  Book through our chat at the top of the page and get convenience and real time confirmation by a person on the other end.  Online taxicab booking  is another convenient method of reserving your Airport Yellow Cab IN San Clemente, CA.  Book a taxi online, and receive an email confirmation of your request.  Online booking does require a lead time of several hours or days.  Chatting and calling are "real time" methods.  How much time do i need to reserve a taxi in advance.

Taxi/Airport Transportation Flat Rate Via our White and Yellow Cabs

We provide a super competitive taxi airport flat rate to any airport, from San Clemente...  and the discount is around %10 to 20% off regular airport taxi meter rates.   Special rates to the airport may not be combined with other coupons or discounts.  Our other discount of $5 off or 10% off is good for non-airport transportation.  The flat rate to the airport is a per vehicle cost, so up to six people can ride for the price of one in a minivan taxi.  This cost savings provides the "lower than shuttle rate" we advertise.  Taxis charge by meter or flat rate.  If you ask for a flat rate, you can expect to pay about 15-20% less than the regular taxi meter fare.  You can also request a black car service, cheaper than taxis.


About San Clemente Yellow Cab Taxi
We are "San Clemente Yellow Cab," and our taxis are white with the yellow top.  We have served the city for over 20 years and grown with it.  Yellow Cab's are stationed locally, right in or near the city.  Taxi drivers are also licensed individually with the city.

About Taxis 
Taxis are not just for the airport.  We allow you to relax, with the convenience of computer reservations and a professional driver.  Taxi cabs are not normally hailed in San Clement.  You will have to call us, your local cab-service in San Clemente, or book online through our chat or reservation form.   Our taxicabs use Digital Dispatch GPS to route the closest cab in the area, right to your doorstep.  Use taxis for Travel, Business, or Pleasure.  We serve all of Orange County and offer all destinations in California through our locally based San Clemente-city units.

* Taxi Necessity Transportation
* Taxi Charge/Billing Accounts - Open an account for medical or non-emergency medical
* Airport Taxi Service
* A Night on the Town Taxi
* Tours and Entertainment Taxis
* Avoid The Shuttle Shuffle via Taxicab

San Clemente Taxi Necessity Transportation
You may need a ride and your seconds of preparation now, will save you minutes or hours later. In laws in town and need a ride to the airport at 3 AM?  Car broke down?  Need a ride for your son from school?  Does mom need to go to the doctor and you can't miss work?  Any time and any where in Orange County, give us a call and we can save your day.  

Taxi Charge / Billing  Accounts
Give us two minutes for set up and we'll give you VIP service with monthly billing.  Our customizable voucher system allows your company to take advantage of a monthly billing plan OAC. The one page application is quick and easy.  We provide service to a full spectrum of businesses including government agencies, schools, hospitals, and corporate headquarters. 

Call manager at (714)258-1000 Extension 222 for additional information.

San Clemente VIA Airport Taxi Transportation Services
We provide Direct, non-stop minivan service available at no extra cost!  Our low cost and relatively cheap taxi flat rates provide the best value and convenience mix.  You don't have to share with a stranger.  Get to the airport or other ports of call with a convenient ride in a minivan taxi where up to 6 passengers can ride for the price of one.  Fit the whole family and luggage in our van taxi.  We dont charge by the person. Taxi rides can be less than the shuttle rate or parking fees at most airports.  Let us do the driving from San Clemente and enjoy your trip.  LAX, Los Angeles Airport, JWA, SNA, Orange County Airport, LBA, and ONT are the most popular destinations.  Start in San Clement and be delivered throughout Southern California.

A Night On The Town Via Taxicab
Let us be your designated driver.  We'll worry about the cab driving so you can enjoy your night.  Meter rates or flat rates by the hour are available to guarantee your ride.  San Clemente Taxi vans allow up to six people ride for the price of one. Taxi drivers can also tell you about the hottest spots in the county.  Ask, the conversations are free.   Share the cost, and make it great!
Tours and Entertainment Via Taxi
Looking for something to do without a big hassle?  Take a tour in our taxi van and you can go to venues throughout California with a low flat hourly rate or meter rate.  Ideas include shopping, movies, and sightseeing, without the traffic and directions hassle.  Our most popular taxi ride idea?
Take a cab to the Verizon Theater and leave your traffic worries behind.

Avoid the Shuttle Shuffle With A Taxi Cab
Go direct.  Why place your important trip and reservation on the line with a shuttle company that might scramble at the last minute to book you an available seat.  Our minivan and van taxi's seat up to six people.  Dont ride with strangers.  Go easy on yourself too... Avoid scheduling too early and setting yourself up for a tired day.  Shuttles dont give you a break, why should you.

About The City of San Clemente 
San Clemente spans fifteen square miles of coastline and scenic foothills. The location of the City, long admired by explorers and passing settlers, remained virtually uninhabited until 1776, when Mission San Juan Capistrano was established by Father Junipero Serra and led both Indian and Spanish settlers to set up villages nearby.  Today, taxi service is offered by just a handful of companies and are typically called, not hailed.

Major Landmarks and Events
Despite rapid growth over the past 10 years, the City today maintains its small-town atmosphere. The City now houses a TRW Northrup Grumman Capistrano plant, located just north of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) and camp Pendleton, bounded on the east by the Cleveland National Forest and on the west by the great Pacific Ocean. San Clemente is the site of two annual festivals; Fiesta La Cristianita, celebrating the first Christian baptism in California including a parade and block party and the Ocean Festival, which features three days of aquatic and endurance competition.


Taxi Minivans or Vans, fit up to six passengers at the same rate as a regular taxi.

Not Just For
The Airport!

San Clemente's local
taxi and cab services
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to all airports and 

Airport Taxi Cab & Granny On A Night Out !
Use a minivan taxi to share the cost.
San Clemente
Airport Rates
Going to JWA, SNALAX or Orange County Airport?  

Get the best rate to the airport when two or more ride.  Beat the shuttle rates!  You cant beat the taxi cab
convenience and
value of a flat rate.

What is a flat rate?  Its a discounted rate, instead of using the meter fare.  It is set regardless of traffic or number of people.

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